Your Design Sucks: How great design improves user adoption and makes the mundane exciting

Behold: The Dyson Animal – Haute Couture Vacuum

Raise your hand if you LOVE to vacuum.  Anyone?  Buehler?  My thoughts exactly.  No one jumps up and gets excited to vacuum.  Until you have a Dyson under the roof.  My Hoover died a tragic death recently and I cheered it’s demise.  It was a hideous beast I hid in the hall closet.  Despite the inconvenience of having it croak on me a few days before welcoming guests, I was pumped.  I got to upgrade!!

I bought a Dyson.

For the first time in my life I want to brag about my vacuum.  My VACUUM.  I love this thing so much I want to park it in my living room.  Just leave it out there so people can enjoy it’s beauty.  Great design does that.  It makes you want to park it in your living room, wear it on your sleeve, shout it from the rooftops, use it all day and gaze longing at it as much as possible without freaking your friends out.  If great design has that effect on the most mundane and obnoxious activity, like vacuuming, imagine what it can do for other mundane and obnoxious activities –  like anything that has to do with business automation tools, CRM, EHR or any other multi-lettered acronym.

“We submit that usability is one of the major factors—possibly the most important factor—hindering widespread adoption of EMRs.(Electronic Medical Records)”  This is the conclusion of the HIMSS Usability Task Force that was charged with investigating lower than expected adoption rates of EMR systems in the United States.  When great design is at the forefront of a product or service people want to use it.  Better still, they will adopt it quickly and integrate it into their everyday.  For extra credit, they may shout from the rooftops how much they love using the new automation tool and how brilliant their manager is for implementing such a transformational application into their world.

And all of you application vendors, code slingers, project managers out there, wouldn’t it be great to have your customers and users Tweet their passion for your product because they simply couldn’t contain their excitement?  What compels someone to shout from the rooftops about something mundane?  Put a Dyson in their palm and step back.

Contributed by Dayna Neumann – VP Marketing + Strategy @FetterGroup

Follow Dayna on Twitter @daynaneumann


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